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Germany’s LGBT culture and communities are thriving, and are now an intrinsic part of the lively and friendly atmosphere you can find in many of Germany’s towns and cities.

“Gay culture is your parents awkwardly referring to your significant other as your friend.”

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Most gay people will like Thailand’s approach to sexuality – but there are cultural aspects to the gay scene here that a traveler needs to understand.

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The bear flag flown next to the rainbow flag as an expression of bear and gay pride

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OUTinPerth is a free monthly newspaper focusing on diversity in sexuality and gender. You can find OUTinPerth at over 230 locations in Western Australia. Alongside our print publication we also publish stories online and through our social network platforms.

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How about a little towhead? Generally speaking, it’s thought that women probably emotionalize sex a bit too much for their own good. But if that’s true, then men definitely mythologize it too much for our own good.

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The Gaily Post covers the latest trends in gay adult entertainment, culture, and lifestyle.

By DANIEL HARRIS Hyperion. Read the Review. The Death of Camp: Gay Men and Hollywood Diva Worship, from Reverence to Ridicule “If all the time the manager of the theater holds back the good roles from us, may we …