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I discovered this excellent Thanksgiving gravy recipe years ago! It is gravy that, unlike most, can be made AHEAD of time. The gravy will keep for 3 months when frozen in an airtight container.

Several years ago, DH was in the hospital with a heart condition and was placed on a fat restricted diet. This recipe was provided by the hospital and I have used it since to make wonderful gravy, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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This is a very easy and quick NO FAT gravy to make. No fuss and you do not have to worry about the gravy going lumpy. I developed this recipe almost 20 years ago using my homemade chicken broth or vegetable broth.

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Types. Chocolate gravy is a variety of gravy made with fat, flour, cocoa powder and sometimes a small amount of sugar.; Egg gravy is a variety of gravy made starting with meat drippings (usually from bacon) followed by flour being used to make a thick roux.

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Gravy is a mixture of fat and flour and seasonings with broth or other liquid added to form a smooth flavorful mixture that is commonly referred to as gravy.

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Betty Crocker’s Heart Healthy Cookbook shares a recipe! Looking for a classic pork dinner? Then check out these browned chops served in smooth onion flavored gravy – a delightful skillet meal!

Vegetables and herbs from a roasted turkey add to this tasty but low-fat gravy.

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Rich, tasty and delicious gravy recipe originally created by John McDougall made with my special twist!

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