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What is alcohol? Ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, is an intoxicating ingredient found in beer, wine, and liquor. Alcohol is produced by the fermentation of yeast, sugars, and starches.

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Men who undergo heart bypass surgery might assume they should steer clear of the pub. But a study suggests moderate drinking after the operation could be beneficial.

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Calcium’s leading role is legendary.In fact, there seems to be no end to calcium’s repertoire: It strengthens bones and teeth and new studies suggest that it may also prevent colon cancer, and even keep Montezuma’s revenge at bay.

Hi, my understanding is that Ritalin helps almost everyone, so having it help doesn’t mean he has adhd. Like caffeine hits most people. Check out “this disease called hood” which might have suggestions!

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Treatment Programs. If you are worried that alcohol may be harming your health or that your drinking patterns are putting you at risk, help is available.

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When teens drink, alcohol affects their brains in the short-term– but repeated drinking can also impact it down the road, especially as their brains grow and develop.

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From all you hear, you’d think fat and calories are really bad for you, but we all need a certain amount of them in our diets. Find out the truth about fat and calories.

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WebMD explains what a healthy diet is and how it can help you lose weight.

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