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Mitsuyasu Maeno (前野 光保, Maeno Mitsuyasu, c.1947 – March 23, 1976) was a Japanese actor who appeared in roman porno films. He died in a suicide attack on Yoshio Kodama, a multi-millionaire right-wing leader and leading figure in the Lockheed bribery scandals.

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WWII Sword: Shin guntō is Japanese for neo-army sword or new army sword. The Shin gunto is a style of Japanese tachi designated as part of the uniform for officers of the Imperial Japanese Army from 1934 until the end of World War II.

By J. Clements ARMA Director. From time to time it is interesting to ponder the outcome of an encounter between two of history’s most formidable and highly skilled warriors: the Medieval European knight and the feudal Japanese samurai.

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Description. Sashimono poles were attached to the backs of the chest armor (dō) by special fittings.Sashimono were worn both by foot soldiers – including common soldiers, known as ashigaru, as well as the elite samurai – and in special holders on the s of some cavalry soldiers.

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On a muddy field outside Kagoshima on September 25, 1877, the feudal system that had dominated Japan for 700 years died, not with a whimper but with a defiant roar. At 6 that morning, the 40 remaining warriors of the last traditional samurai army in Japanese history rose from their foxholes, drew

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National Archives Japanese-American soldiers rest in the street of Leghorn, Italy. July 19, 1944.

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The edge weapon, long-time companion of the Japanese warrior, is one of the most iconic items in Japanese combat history from the days of the samurai to WW2.