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Kim Shively, formerly Kim Kennedy Blair, currently living in LA isthe brunette spokeswoman in the Toyota commercials.

There is not a complete database of commercial casts, but Clipland does have an incomplete version of what you are looking for.

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Summary of the 2005 settlement of the Abercrombie & Fitch Class Action Lawsuit.

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Seungri lets you know that your love life is shit because you don’t have Tinder. These are the commercials we want. Five minutes into ramen and chill and he hits …

A sarcastic spoof on the Intel ad below. If you think the era of political correctness has taught advertisers to create campaigns that are more sensitive and intelligent, think again.

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A brief look at the history of American beer commercials.

Pathmark was a supermarket chain in the Northeastern United States. The chain was started in 1968 when a member of the ShopRite retailer’s cooperative broke away to go into business for itself. Pathmark stores were liquidated and closed in 2015 following the bankruptcy of its parent company The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. The …

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Ingredients. Enzyte’s formulation was reportedly developed for Vianda by Marilyn Barrett. Enzyte is said to contain: Asian Ginseng Root Extract; G Seed Extract

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