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Listen human man There is no truth greater Than man himself. Vaisnava Padabali Sinking in a sea of nectar, I forget the world, sun and moon disappear.

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Article 11 of the Basic Law provides that “no law enacted by the Legislature of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall contravene this Law.”

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‘Despicable, slanderous and FALSE’: Bodycam video reveals woman lied about being d by cop who pulled her over for DUI – and even her LAWYER now apologizes for ‘any trouble these claims may have caused’

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You lost me at “Coca-Cola isn’t culturally Western”. How is “an Ethiopian bean mixed with a Colombian leaf mixed with carbonated water and lots and lots of sugar” NOT Western?

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I felt like the Tibetan Buddhism in India/Nepal was what the Catholicism I experienced as a , was supposed to be like. Does that make any sense?

Författare: Fråga: Datum: Magnus: Fiat Hej Kollar på en Fiat 60 – 94 årsmodell 1995. Vad bör man kolla på? Har någon erfarenheter?? Prisbild?? 2007-12-30 11:53

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SubGenius Graphics Orgy: Complex graphics best viewed one at a time — the latest in SubGenius non-moving pictures. Welcome to the wide open, wide-screen, dilated-pupilled world of SubGenius graphics, wherein the hideous and the beautiful become almost well, not indistinguishable, but for some of us, it gets to where we PREFER …

Commentary Six Bad Arguments Against Social Justice in Speculative Fiction July 30th, 2016 by Oren Ashkenazi. The only thing more annoying than arguing with a sloth.

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Nepal Nightlife Guide: Nepal it is small, but expanding trade catering to sex tourists.Sex worksites tend to concentrate in urban areas of the Kathmandu Valley, and Pokhara.